Thursday, May 26, 2016

Let's Talk About Psychological Triggers

Recently I've read quite a bit about psychological triggers such as students at a college being traumatized by somebody writing positive Trump statements in chalk on sidewalks. I read an essay about a woman experiencing trauma from watching the cartoon show, Animaniacs, and how it should be removed from the air completely.

Though I acknowledge the reality of psychological triggers for those who suffer PTSD, the concept has now been carried to ridiculous lengths and I find myself in an unusual position that I never asked for.

I just love my Keurig® coffeemaker.

On my doctor visit, I will most likely get a Tetanus vaccine booster.

 I agree with the American College of Pediatricians that certain sexual addictions are inherently self-defeating and even self-destructive.

In November, if the final selection is between Clinton and Trump, I will most likely hold my nose and vote for Trump.

In Christian thought I am Arminian-Wesleyan, I have no problem with old earth creationism, I play table top role playing games (and haven't been demonized once), I enjoyed the Harry Potter movies, (and haven't been demonized once), I only use the New American Standard Bible translation, I don't think 9/11 was an inside job, and I think it's a national shame that most Americans only speak one language.

Now a question for those who are currently offended by any of these statements.

Why did you give me this power and authority over you? Seriously, is the problem with me, or most reasonably, with you that you are so sensitive to disagreement that the writing of one person makes your gut and jaw tighten and you wish there was some way you could shut me up or you are barely resisting a troll attack in the comments section?

I never asked for this power and yet, some of you have freely bestowed it upon me as if I asked for it.

Maybe you need to get off the Internet for awhile and remember what real life is.